Misión / Visión


As a part of the strategy to accomplish the Mission of the Main Direction of Mercantile Normatively, a System of Management of Quality like axis has been implemented to plan, to make, to verify and for fit the activities of the processes and services with a continuous approach, in the satisfaction of the necessities of our clients.

The Mission is the reason of being of our organization, from the point of view of our clients, servants public and the society as a whole, in consistency with the Mission of our Secretariat.

Mission of the Secretariat of Economy

To promote the competitiveness and efficiency of the companies in the individual thing and the country in its set, to assure a maintained and stable economic growth, and to generate more and better uses in a globalized economy.

Mission of the Direction of Public Brokerage

To promote and to regulate the Public Brokerage


With the Vision we defined to where we want to get. It`s the element that motivates a future of continuous growth in the DGNM, by that we made an effort permanently to be distinguished.

Vision of the Direction of Public Brokerage

To obtain the recognition of the function of the Public Runner in the scope of its competition.

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