Secretaría de Economía
Domingo 1 de marzo de 2015
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About the Public Brokerage

La The Secretary of Economy is responsable for the application of the Public Brokerage Federal Law; through the head office of Commercial Regulation that authorize the Public Brokers, subject to the fulfill of the requirements established in the Law and supervised its functions.

Origins of the Public Broker

The Public Broker always has satisfied a social and economic necessity. In the history of the old civilizations like Egyptian, Phoenician, Greek or the Roman one, a merchandise expert was present within his commerce fulfilled several functions; from the first laws that regulated the Public Broker, basic functions were granted to him that to date conserve and that are: mediator, federated public y legal expert (valuator)...


The basic function of the Public Broker is to guarantee the legal security and certainty, exerting a control of legality in the commercial transactions and other matters of federal competition, offering a professional and impartial advising with the obligation to keep the professional secret that imposes the Law, which represents a confidence element for those who use their services...

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